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2 years ago @ 3:58PM

2018-2019 College Athletic Commitments

Hunter Jessee - Louisville University (Baseball)

Jordyn Rhodes - Indiana University (Soccer)

Joey Gallagher - Indiana University - Southest (Baseball)

Max Palmieri - Lincoln Memorial University (Baseball)

Jake Lewis - Capital University (Baseball)

Brenten Baker - University of South Carolina Lancaster (Baseball)

Courtney Michalak - Wilmington College (Softball)

Lexie Sparks - Defiance College (Basketball)

Noah Young - Florida State University (Swimming)

Brynna Wolfe - Ohio State University (Swimming)

Josh Guckenberger - Cedarville University (Track and Field)

Madeline McCrackin - Mount Union (Lacrosse)

Tommy Mitchell - North Central College (Football)

Gillian Rutz (2020) - University of Arkansas (Gymnastics)



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